Brad, Our Other Co-Founder

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Brad, Our Other Co-Founder

Postby patoco » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:16 pm

I wanted to take just a moment to put in some info about Brad.

Generally, people associated my name with Lymphedema People. But the truth is that we actually have two co-founders and he is every bit as important to this site as I am. In fact, we might not even be here if it weren't for his help.

Brad used to work in the IT dept at the company where I worked. One day we were talking about lymphedema and I mentioned how much I would like to start a website where people could find hope, help with LE, and that would provide the very best in evidence based science/medicine about LE. Where everyone could find this help without it costing them a dime and one that helped show them that you can have a full and meaningful life with lymphedema.

When I mentioned I knew zero about website set-ups, Brad said he would be happy to do this. So, while I take care of the visitors and members, Brad takes care of all the technical aspects of our site. Presently he also takes care of many of the administrative aspects (making sure the technology is updated, bills paid etc). This is great for me as this frees me to do the research and helping others. Even if I knew about the technical stuff, with my health I just wouldn't be able to handle it all.

Another very important thing is that if something does happen to me, Brad is as committed to our original vision as I am, so I know that he will keep the site going and will make sure it continues to provide information, help and encouragement.

So a super thanks to Brad for all he has done and does.

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